My Favorite Things Superstar

Hello crafters!!

Today is a special day!!!



I am MFT Card Design Superstar.I am the winner !
Here’s what the winners will take away — A $250 gift voucher from My Favorite Things!



I’m speechless.. I never thought that between 600 application I will be one of 10. This is a huge compliment for me and for my work. This is a great honor.But sometimes dreams come true. Thank you MFT For Card Design Superstar Contest, for georgeus products and amazing compliment about my work. I’m so proud and happy.Huge hugs for you from MFT and big congrats to the other Winners.Kristina from Sweden!!!



This is what MFT wrote about my card:

What could be cuter than two squirrels and a hedgehog gathering nuts for the winter? Tina flawlessly executes her design concept of three friends working together to accomplish a task. At first I thought that the nuts were all fussy cut, but look closer. They are all masked! *gasp* I love how they look like the perfect jumble of nuts falling from the Happy Hedgehog to his Harvest Buddies below. Add in the fall tree limbs and the spot on color choices, and this card is most definitely a winner.


So proud I am now!!


Until next time!






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